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SAdd_ArcSeg The purpose of this program is to convert a diagonal copper track into arc segments.
SAdd_Breakout A breakout pattern can be captured and stored in a file so that it can be reused in other designs. Users can also search the library for the available patterns.
SAdd_Fanout This is a breakout generator. Depending on the selected device, this program will generate a break-out pattern.
SAdd_TwinSeg This program is used to clone segment and also allows user to define the edge-to-edge spacing.
SAdd_MiscPad This program is used to add two (2) miscellaneous-pads on layer 'PP' (Primary Process Layer) and 'PS' (Secondary Process Layer) of vias found under user-selected-areas.
SAdd_MMVia This program is used to add Silkscreen to the device's outline, Via and breakout via.
SAdd_MMViaRest This program is used to add/delete via restricted areas over silkscreen lines, text, orientation dots and fiducial targets.
SAdd_ParallelSeg This program is used to make a copper-track parallel to another and also allows users to define the edge-to-edge spacing. This program is intended for users who want to make differential pairs interactively. This program has 6 functions:
  • MakeParallel
  • TrackExtend
  • TrackClone
  • MergeSignal
  • AngleQuery
  • TrackMove
SAdd_Seg this program is to add copper-tracks when the exact length is required.
SAdd_SegClone this program is to clone segment's pattern when two ends of the pattern carry 2 different signals or same signal. Unicad's Route Repeat only works when both ends carry the same signal.
SAdd_SegRest This program is to ADD/DELETE Restricted-Areas on top of Copper-Tracks.
SAdd_SRText This program is used to ADD/DELETE solder-resist on top of texts on layers Primary or Secondary.
SAdd_Via This program is used to ADD vias to TestPads.
SAdd_WorkArea This program is used to ADD WorkingArea by scaling the board's outlines. It also reports the Board's vertices (Counter-Clockwise).
SGen_Device This program reports any PCodes found on both Primary and Secondary layers.
SGen_pincount This program reports the total pin-count in the design.
SGen_PinSig This program reports the pins that have Signal specified by users.
SGen_SegWidSeg This program reports the TRACK-WIDTH as per user defined signal names.
SMod_ChangeSig This program is used to change the pin-signals to a new signal as per user selected-areas. This program become useful when user wants to re_use part of a design; then this program is used to change the signal names to ".NC."
SMod_DelDevGate This program is used to:
  • Del AllGates in Layout.
  • Del UnassignGates in Layout.
  • Del Device Without Gate in Layout.
SMod_DelSOPaste This program is used to delete solderpaste of Miscpins.
SMod_DevRelayer This program is used to "Relayer" devices on PRI -> SEC and vice versa.
SMod_MM This program is used to change the silkscreen texts to a new size.
SMod_MMText This program is used to generate silkscreen texts as per user selected layers.
SMod_MultiDel This program is used to Delete/Unplace Layout's objects as user selected per layer.
SMod_NullPad In a selected boxed area, this program nulls thru hole pins or vias on all internal layers, provided that there is no attached copper on that layer (ie tracks and/or planes). Users are suggested to run this program before copper planes are added so that the run time can be improved.
SMod_Pads This program is used to change the Pins or CopperBalance pads as per user's defined area.
SMod_SegWidth This program is used to change the track's width as per user's defined layers.
SMod_SigTestpad This program is used to find signal w/o testpoint and then add the testpoint.
SMod_tp4BGA This program is used to modify the pad_shape of via and breakoutvia's testpoints found under BGA so that the testpads are as large as possible without causing any violations. The program tries if it can relocate the TestPoints to another ThruHole pins, Vias or Breakoutvias found outside the BGA If the TestPoints can NOT be relocated outside the BGA, the program tries to modify the size of the vias and the breakoutvias
SMod_UnusePin This program is used to change the signal name of the Unused-Pin from .NC. to NU-XXX. The counter XXX is a numerical value incremented by 1. Note: Unused-Pin are pins that have pin-name (ie. MCLK0) and have signal as .NC., NoConnect-Pin are pins that have pin-name NC and have signal as .NC.
SMod_ViaHolesize This program is used to change via's hole size and via's shape as per user defined area.
SMod_ViaConv This program is used to convert "Regular via" to either "Blind vias" or "Buried vias".
SMod_ViaTP2TP This program is used to convert Via-Testpads to Testpads of the signal .NC. so that more space can be gained for the Spectra to route a board.
SMod_ViaTPLock This program is used to LOCK/UNLOCK Testpad-Vias so that tracks can be deleted (using area delete mode) without removing any Testpad-Vias.
SVer_Pol This program is used to verify the polarities of the discrete devices.
SVer_SSSp This program is used to verify the minimum spacing is maintained between same-signal objects and that signal .NC. is not connecting any device pins together.
SMod_DiffPair This program is used to identify, check and maintain a very specific spacing gap between the differential pair signals.

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